Friday, January 7, 2011

How Exciting!!!

Hey y'all!!!  Welcome to all my new followers and fellow teachers.  This is so exciting!!  If you have any questions about my products just let me know!  I love to do custom orders so if you don't see something that you want for your home or classroom just let me know and I bet we could figure it out!! Thanks for stopping by!!  I had so much fun making all of Kristen's stuff - especially her "Love what you do!" sign!  I think I may just make one for myself!!!  

Here is another shot of the giveaway goods!! :) 

 Until next time!  :)


  1. I have to tell you how much I love your products. They are so cute, I love all the pokadots. I am going to put your button on my blog.

    Ms. M

  2. What a cute blog! AND giveaway!

  3. Thanks Ashley!!! :) Love your name!! :)